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AddVenture Consulting was founded by Fiona Stobbs in 2005 and is based in St Albans in Hertfordshire, supporting clients in the South East.


· Fiona is a highly experienced programme leader accustomed to delivering change to complex businesses. She has a wide and deep experience of core business operations; has worked across a variety of industries and countries; and has run projects as the client, as the consultant and as the software supplier. This has given her a strong foundation in effective programme and project management, delivering necessary business changes and protecting business investments. 


· Much of her work has taken place during periods of significant organisational change; thus she is well placed to help clients through difficult times.  This includes her many years experience of private equity M&A projects —particularly implementing the post deal operational changes.


· Her former employers include PwC, Coca-cola and Unilever. She has worked across clients in a multiple of industries, including manufacturing, retail, services, pharmaceuticals and financial services.


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